Start:03.06.2019 10:00 h
End:05.06.2019 15:00 h

@ Konstverkstaden Malakta, Malax

Häng med på ett dagsläger (3-5.6 kl 10-15) där du får lära dig göra egna animationer eller fördjupa dina kunskaper i animation. Du lär dig leranimation med egna figurer gjorda av plastilina-lera. Vi gör scenografier och animerar dina figurer på din egen smartphone, dit vi laddar ner den avgiftsfria appen Stopmotion Studio. Till animationen kan vi banda in dialog, musik eller ljudeffekter. Lärare är Britt Al-Busultan.
Dagslägret passar för årskurs 1 och uppåt.

Pris 20€ (ingår material och mellanmål) Egen lunch medtages.
Bindande anmälan till / 050 5875674

Kursen arrangeras av Filmverkstaden och Konstverkstaden Malakta i samarbete med Svenska Folkskolans Vänner

An evening with Thorbjorg Jonsdottir

23.05.2019 19:00 - 21:00 h

@ our new location on Korsholmesplanaden 22!

Filmverkstaden is happy to present the works of our current artist-in-residence Thorbjorg Jonsdottir (IS).

Thorbjorg will present new works on super8, produced during her residency at Filmverkstaden, as well also older works.
Through these works, we will get an extensive view of Thorbjorgs practice, the themes and motives in her work and her plans for the future.

After the presentation and screening, there is the opportunity to engage in conversation with the artist.

Free entrance

Generously supported by Taike, Svenska Kulturfonden and Nordisk KulturKontakt


Filmverkstaden is moving the lab from our beloved Soapfactory to a place smack in the centre of Vaasa!

Our new address is Korsholmesplanaden 22 in Vaasa.

We will need some time to build up the lab again, but we hope to welcome you soon in our New Lab!

Thorbjorg Jonsdottir

@ The Lab, Korsholmesplanaden 22, Vaasa

Experimental filmmaker Thorbjorg Jonsdottir joins Filmverkstaden for a month long residency!

She will be experimenting with super8 filming and processing.

She will be working in the lab in the month of May.

More info on Thorbjorg Jonsdottir

Causatum 3

23.02.2019 19:00 - 20:00 h

Welcome to this collaboration between Filmverkstaden and Catalysti. This is the first event of #Catalysti #boldmaker program 2019, Diversity in Art: Art in Diversity!

Politic Polemic is the third event in the Causatum Live Cinema series, on a concept by Marek Pluciennik: the events are purely committed to practices using improvised live moving image and sound. The focus is on ephemeral nature of moving image, when created live without a script or score. The events delve into the subconscious of the image and sound creation, in an attempt to be well ahead of film and sound narrative realization, usually created and mediated through the written word.

This time we are tackling the Political: crafty, discreet and cunning; and the Polemic: fractious, unreasonable, scrappy, to give you some synonyms of each word.

We have always lived in a time where Political ruled space outside, Polemic while loud at times was in closed spaces the driving force. Is the opposite true today?

“A truel is a duel among three opponents, in which players can fire at one another in an attempt to eliminate them while surviving themselves. “

The event is organised by Catalysti and Filmverkstaden.

The organizers thank Kone Foundation and Taike for its support.

Milky Medium

16.02.2019 19:00 - 22:00 h

Filmverkstaden is happy to present the artists-in-residence, kinoMANUAL.

During their stay, they have been working on the project Milky Medium. Using analog and digital animation and projection techniques, they want to create a unique spacetime for their daughter’s night voice which could get her extra magical might and expression.

kinoMANUAL have been working on Milky Medium with their younger daughter NIna since 2013. The most important element of this work is the recording of words that Nina utters in her sleep. They have been collecting these recordings for three years, along with her milk teeth. The Milky Medium is a surreal document of thier duaghter’s first years in life.

Our childhood is quickly becoming a vague memory. It is like a dream that we can’t remember. It speaks to us in an unconscious voice, fluttering away into the void.

If you want to see a mix of cosmos atmosphere, moon dust, milk teeth and unconscious voice, visit Filmverkstaden at the New Space on Kyrkoesplanaden 20. They will be there.

Free entrance!

The New Space is an initiative by Filmverkstaden and Platform, generously supported by Svenska Kulturfonden, Taike, Svensk Österbottniska Samfundet, KulturÖsterbotten and the Finnish Cultural Foundation.


Start:05.02.2019 12:00 h
End:17.02.2019 12:00 h

@ The New Space, Kyrkoesplanaden 20, Vaasa

kinoMANUAL joins Filmverkstaden again!

This time for a residency, used for experimenting with analog animation techniques.

They will be working in the space 5-17th of February.

Drop by to see what Aga Jarzab and Maciek Baczyk are up to!

The Carpet Performance

Start:19.01.2019 19:00 h
End:20.01.2019 14:00 h

@ The New Space, Kyrkoesplanaden 20, Vaasa

Filmverkstaden is happy to host a night of music and performance dedicated to Ibn Battuta made by a group of Helsinki-based artists.

The Carpet Performance is an exercise of togetherness to gain consciousness toward eastern cultures and histories with an anti-Eurocentric method which opens new possibilities in human understanding, rather than the simplistic binary opposition. The work is dedicated to Ibn Battūta a 14th-century traveler. The inspiration of the events is coming from the concept of the primacy of geography, travels of Ibn Battuta, the historiography of Ibn Khaldun and music of Hayedeh.

The morning after the performance, you are welcome to join a shared breakfast and a conversation with the reading group.

Saturday 19.01.2019 19:00-22:00h

Music: Suva, Jo Kjaergaard, Anders Jani Purhonen

Gökçe Sandal

Film Screening:
“The House is Black” (1962 Forough Farrokhzad)
“Hayedeh: Legendary Persian Diva” (Documentary) ~ [to be confirmed]

Sunday 20.01.2019 12:00-14:00h

Reading Group + Breakfast:
The Travels of Ibn Battuta (1325-1354)
Ibn Khaldun – Muqaddimah
Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o, Enactments of Power: The Politics of Performance Space

Jo Kjaergaard and Hami Bahadori are an artist duo, organizer and curator based in Helsinki. They combine theory and practice which is in direct relationship with the geography, politics and the privileges that they behold. Their collaborative and people-centered practice is based on the notion of event, distance, movement, belonging and becoming.
Jo has lived and studied in Aarhus, Bogota, and Helsinki. Hami has studied and lived in Iran, Turkey, United States and Finland. Together, they are part of an autonomous reading group called insideanairport that meets in Helsinki International Airport.

Gökçe Sandal is an MA student of Cultural Studies in the University of Helsinki. Originally from Istanbul, Turkey; she’s been living in Finland for the last two years. She is interested in artistic research, and particularly in socially engaged art and artistic intervention methods. She has been involved in the Socially Responsible Artists and Arts Institutions research group within ArtsEqual, which is a research project coordinated by the University of Arts Helsinki. Within this project, she has co-authored a policy brief on the topic of asylum-seeking on the grounds of artistic persecution and how to integrate the newcomer artists into the Finnish local art scene. During the last few years, she has participated in artist residencies and exhibitions in Sweden and Finland.

Anders Jani Purhonen whose practice currently revolves around simulation, energetic suspension and formation of meaning is an artist based in Helsinki with a soft spot for contingent art forms. He holds an MA from the Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki department of Time & Space. He is the founder of the speculative art space ££, and has been active in Whitecolors, Oksasenkatu11, Mörk, Muu, Taku, montaasi and radio Bekola.

Suva is working with different aspects of public anatomy – making and doing something with the public. The tools of intervention, interaction, anticipation, perception and the sense of community. He is interested in engaging people to perform, and to have access to collective understanding of the form. He combines the notion of Body and material in his performances. The question of the existence of ‘the Other’ in the space of ‘An-Other’ formed into an important area of his work. His status as an outsider, intermingling through performances and actions in a foreign land, is an important approach, more in the line of hyphen rather than a slash. He combines Music, Visual Art, Bodily writing in his creative process.

Arash Akhlaghi is an artist, photographer and filmmaker based in Helsinki. His artworks are dealing with repetition in everyday life, juxtaposed to a sense of alienation and anxiety due to isolation. He is a complicated person.

insideanairport is a study-group consists of people from different backgrounds and cultures who are gathering regularly in Helsinki International Airport. The group is interested in topics related to migration, colonialization/decolonization, subjectivity, violence, surveillance and paranoia.

More information on this might not work

Cover Picture
Muhammad al-Idrisi. Paris transcript of VI-5.
The map displays part of Bulgarian Black Sea coastline from about Burgas Bay to Danube River, Dobrudzha region.
Date 12th century
Source Scanned from book “Балканският полуостров изобразен в картите на Ал-Идриси”, Стоянка Кендерова, Боян Бешевлиев, София, 1990
Author Muhammad al-Idrisi (1100 – 1165 or 1166)


Free entry!

The New Space is an initiative by Filmverkstaden and Platform, and generously supported by Svenska Kulturfonden, Taike, Svensk Österbottniska Samfundet, Kulturösterbotten and the Finnish Cultural Foundation.

Belorukov/Zherbin and Pavel Rotts

07.12.2018 19:00 - 22:00 h

@ The New Space, Kyrkoesplanaden 20, Vaasa

Improvised, noisy and Russian!

Filmverkstaden is happy to host an evening of electronic music by Belorukov & Zherbin and Pasha Rotts.

Ilia Belorukov is a musician from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. He works in the directions of improvised, noise and electroacoustic music. He’s a member of different projects with local and foreign musicians. He collaborates with artists who work in other musical directions (from hardcore and metal to academic contemporary music); with dancers and painters; with theater. Ilia practices an experimental approach of sound extraction on alto saxophone with objects, uses electronics and other instruments. Also he is a founder of Intonema label ( and one of curators of Spina!Rec label ( Organizer of events in Russia, co-organizer of the Spina!Fest and Teni Zvuka festivals in Saint-Petersburg. He writes reviews for his own blog on, was reviewer of Contemporary Music, Music & Time, Topot and GEZeta journals.

Dmitri Zherbin is a Helsinki-based musician and sound artist who makes experimental electronic music by using self-made tape loops. His style varies between ambient soundscapes to harsher collage works. Zherbin is also known as a guitarist in bands Fate Vs Free Willy and Black Tile and is a co-founder of Jozik records and organizer of many experimental music events in Helsinki.

Pavel Rotts (1982) is a Helsinki based media artist, working in a variety of different mixed technics and forms of contemporary art: performance, sound-art, experimental music, installation, sculpture, video etc. Pavel has studied at St.Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design, graduated from Pro Arte Institute, St.Petersburg, currently studying at the University of Arts Helsinki. Co-founder of the SAHSAPASHA artist duo.
In his work, Rotts explores a legacy of Soviets in contemporary culture, collective and personal memories, historical trauma of the Gulag system. Some of his works are based on the idea of a sound as an aggressive medium used in propaganda and examines its interaction with human perception. Despite the serious topic, Rotts keeps a playful approach working with the material.

Doors open at 19:00.

Free entry!

The New Space is an initiative by Filmverkstaden and Platform, and generously supported by Svenska Kulturfonden, Taike, Svensk Österbottniska Samfundet, Kulturösterbotten and the Finnish Cultural Foundation.

Filmverkstaden presents Filmverkstaden

17.11.2018 19:00 - 22:00 h

@ The New Space, Kyrkoesplanaden 20, Vaasa

Filmverkstaden is happy to finally present the works of our own wonderfully talented members at the New Space on Kyrkoesplanaden, Vaasa.

More info about the program will be published now.

Dragos Alexandrescu – Some Other Time – film
Marek Pluciennik – Tempus 1 – film installation
Daniel Beijar – Caffenol Pictures – photos
kinoMANUAL – a selection of short videos
Lasse Vairio – 2 short films

Some Other Time
Film screening by Dragos Alexandrescu
Duration 35 min.
HD color video, single channel
Language: Romanian
Subtitle: English
Concept and script: Petronela Grigorescu / Liliana Basarab / Dragos Alexandrescu
Image director and editor: Dragos Alexandrescu

A group of artists are having a meeting to discuss and plan an upcoming exhibition. The task from the exhibition’s curator is to make a collaborative project. Since their visions and expectations are different from each other, the film is gradually revealing a hidden side of their personality, with their frustrations and struggles regarding the art practice and also their personal relationships.

Tempus 1
Film installation by Marek Pluciennik
Persistance of Vision was disproved as a viable explanation for illusion of movement, in frame based moving image. Tempus 1 was inspired by the question of POV and tries to deconstuct the illusion of movement.

Marek Pluciennik is an independent filmmaker, videomaker and live art and cinema artist in Helsinki since the mid 90’s. His films and video have been screened among others in Madatac07 Festival in Madrid, Images Film Festival in Toronto, International Short Film Festival in Tampere, as well as contemporary art galleries in Poland, Sweden, Hungary and Hong Kong.

Caffenol pictures
Exhibition of photographs developed in an environmental friendly way by Daniel Beijar
The use of a mixture of instant coffee, washing soda and vitamin C for developing films has been known for some time in photography, but it can also be used for developing photographic paper for making prints in a darkroom as the pictures in this exhibition. Using the Caffenol-solution for the whole photographic process minimises the risks of handling toxic chemical fluids often associated with analog photography and as a bonus your darkroom will smell like a coffee shop!

Lasse Vairio
General Corrosion, 2018
hand developed 16mm, digital version, 4min10sec

The film General Corrosion was shot during two residency trips to a remote island in the Finnish gulf.
The film describes the encounter with the surrounding of the island, and the clumsy way in which the artist
tries to face the local.

POOL, 2018
hand developed 16mm, digital version

The film POOL was made for Kaipuu -festival. It was a co-operation between Fine Arts Academy and Sibelius Academy in Helsinki.
POOL was originally screened as a blind date with the musicians at ORION cinema theatre.

Aga Jarząb & Maciek Bączyk/ is a small, independent audio-visual production house focused on experimenting with the moving image and sound. They mainly explore analogue animation techniques such as hand-drawn, cut-out or direct cinema and enjoy manual contact with film and production process itself. kinoMANUAL creates films and objects that correspond with a rich tradition of moving images, kinetic art and experimental cinema.

kinoMANUAL live show is an audiovisual concert consisting of minimalist and experimental music played on unusual analogue EMS synthesizer and animated visuals based on kinoMANUAL short films.

Animation based on 25 images

Animation based on visual score which was originally a 16 mm non-camera film

kinoMANUAL /animation: Aga Jarząb/, music: Pin Park

animacja: Aga Jarząb, muzyka: Pin Park, 2016

The New Space is an initiative by Filmverkstaden and Platform, and generously supported by Svenska Kulturfonden, Taike, Svensk Österbottniska Samfundet, Kulturösterbotten and the Finnish Cultural Foundation.

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