True Colours

16.11.2019 19:00 - 20:30 h

Filmverkstaden is happy to present another evening of mesmerising films, that all originated on analogue film.
Most films will be shown in their original analogue format in this film programme curated by Britt Al-Busultan.

Colour is a central theme this evening with each film showing a richness in colour that is so characteristic for analogue film. Whether it be artificial, multiplied or realistic colours, they all show true colours exploding from the screen into the space.

Words of Mercury – Jerome Hiler (US)
2010-2011 / 16mm / color / silent / 25’ 00
Words of Mercury is a silent film projected at 18fps. It has many layers of super-impositions which were all shot in the camera. It moves from a stark Wintery world and slowly develops into a place of overgrowth and richness that is almost suffocating and which re-invites death.

Atomic Garden – Ana Vaz (BR)
2018 / digital projection of original 16mm / color / sound / 8’ 00
« We could say that a firework is not different from a tree, or from a big artificial flower that grows, develops, flowers and dies in a few seconds. Withered, finally, it soon disappears in unrecognizable fragments. Well, let’s take this firework and make it last for a month, and we will have a flower with all the characteristics of other flowers. Or so, inverting the order of factors, may we imagine that the seed of a plant can explode like a bomb. » – Bruno Munari

Idyll – Esther Urlus (NL)
2008 / 16mm / color / sound / 6’ 00
An attack of imagined nostalgia for childhood. The applied do-it-yourself bas-relief print technique ensures a coloured image.

Colour Separation – Chris Welsby (UK)
1974-1976 / 16mm / color / silent / 2’ 30
This film is based on the colour separation process. High contrast film stock was run three times through a stationary camera; once for each of the light primaries. In the composite image, anything moving is represented in primary or secondary colour whilst anything still, having been filmed through all three filters, is represented in “correct” colour.

When projected the film resembles a moving impressionist painting but the passing of time is not represented by the coloured marks of a painters brush but by the colored emulsion of the film stock.

High View – Simon Liu (UK/HK)
2017 /digital projection of original 16mm Quadruple Projection /colour / sound / 20’00
“Upon the North Point a torrential downpour of instants tease their way into sight, but never fully form. Shutter-induced memories reduced to speckles, dissipating into fog. Here, my initial disappointments in a material defect morph into opportunity – satisfying an itch to melt instances together, to see any number of places as one.

I want to go home. These images were meant to show us what goes where – but I can’t make out the path. Maybe we should lay them all out on the floor and try to put the pieces back together. In another five days, I’ll need to leave.” — SL

Free entrance!

Bring Your Own drinks

Generously supported by Taike and Svenska Kulturfonden

Wetplate Photography Course

Start:07.09.2019 14:00 h
End:08.09.2019 18:00 h

Välkomna på kurs i våtplåtsfotografering!

Filmverkstaden ordnar en kurs i våtplåtsfotografering, även kallad kollodiumprocessen, med Gunnar Bäckman i föreningens nya utrymmen på Korsholmsesplanaden i Vasa 7-8 september.
Våtplåtsfotografering är 1800-talets fototeknik där man själv tillverkar det ljuskänsliga materialet som man fotograferar på.
Kursen består av föreläsning om tekniken med våtplåtsfotograferingen samt visning av Gunnar Bäckmans egna arbeten.
I vårt mörkrum prepareras aluminiumplåtar med ljuskänslig kollodiumlösning som vi sedan fotograferar på med en storformatskamera. Alla deltagare får prova på tekniken och får med sig minst en plåt hem som man själv fotograferat på. Inga förkunskaper krävs.
Det finns endast ett begränsat antal platser på kursen och Filmverkstadens medlemmar har som det första möjlighet att anmäla sig.

Lördag 7.9
kl. 14 – ca 18 vid Filmverkstaden.
Teori med föreläsning om historien och tekniken bakom våtplåtsfotografering samt Gunnar Bäckmans egna arbeten.
Om det finns tid bekantar vi oss även med kamera och mörkrummet denna dag och framställer en bild.

Söndag 8.9
Start kl. 10
Praktisk fotografering med våtplåt. Alla deltagare ska få ta åtminstone en bild med en storformatskamera på en plåt som man preparerat och sedan framkallat i mörkrummet.
ca 12-13 tid för lunch. Bekostas av deltagarna själva. Man kan också ta med egen lunch. Mikro finns på plats.
Eftermiddagen fortsätter med fotograferingen.
ca 18 avrundning för kursen.

Kaffe och te samt något smått tilltugg bjuder Filmverkstaden på under dagen.

Gunnar Bäckman är pensionerad pressfotograf från Vasabladet med lång erfarenhet av analog fotografering. Under de senaste åren har han sysslat med våtplåtsfotografering bl.a. på museiområdet Stundars och i sin studio i Vasa.
Kursen hålls i huvudsak på svenska men med möjlighet till viss tolkning till finska och engelska.

Kurspris: 50 euro inklusive materialkostnader.
Anmälning till Daniel
OBS! Det finns ett begränsat antal deltagarplatser på kursen!

Welcome to a course in wet plate photography!

Filmverkstaden is organizing a workshop in wet plate collodion process photography with Gunnar Bäckman at our new space i Vaasa at the 7-8 of September.
During the course we will learn about the history and technique of wet plate photography as well as taking part of the work of Gunnar Bäckman. In our darkroom we will prepare aluminum plates with light sensitive collodion which we will then use to take photographs on using a large format camera. All participants is given the chance to try this technique and to take at least one plate home which you have taken your photograph on. No previous knowledge is required.

Saturday 7th September
Course start at 2 pm and continues to about 6 pm at the Filmverkstaden place in Vaasa.
Theoretical gone through of the wet plate photographic process as well as the works of Gunnar Bäckman.

Sunday 8th September
Start at 10 am.
Practical photography with a large format camera and darkroom work.
About 12-1 pm time for lunch. You pay for the lunch yourself or have it with you. There is a microwave oven at the place.
Photographing continues during the afternoon.
About 6 pm end of the course.

Course fee is 50 euro.

Gunnar Bäckman is a retired press photographer in Vaasa with a long experience of analogue photography. During the last years he has experimented with the collodion process at his studio in Vaasa.
The workshop will be held mainly in Swedish but there can be possibilities for some translation to English or Finnish.
Please register for the course by sending an e-mail to Daniel before the 25th of August. There is a limited amount of participants in the course!

Landscape at Large

08.06.2019 20:00 - 21:30 h

Filmverkstaden is very proud to present an evening with amazing films by film makers from all over the globe.
All films originated on analog film, and share a unique view on the landscapes of our world and on film making itself.

The programme, curated by Britt Al-Busultan, consists of:

- Instructions on how to make a film by Nazli Dincel, 2018-2019
Shot at the Film Farm in Mt.Forest, this comedy is a quest about performance, educational voiceover, analogue filmmaking, ASCII, language, ethics of ethnography and narrative storytelling under a metaphor of instructions to farm land. Text by Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett and Wikihow/shoot-film.

- Brouillard by Alexandre Larose, 2013
A path that extends from my family’s backyard into Lac-Saint-Charles (Québec City), condensed in multiple layers.

- Travelling Fields by Inger Lise Hansen, 2009
Travelling Fields is filmed on a number of locations in Murmansk and Monchegorsk in Northwest Russia. The film observes various topographies and architectural elements in the landscape. It is shot in places such as abandonned construction sites, a field by a factory and an empty car market.

- Le Pays Dévasté by Emmanuel Lefrant, 2015 – What do you see? – A place not suited for human beings
Le Pays Dévasté relates to the Anthropocene, the current geological age, viewed as the period during which human activity has been the dominant influence on climate and the environment.

- ALTIPLANO by Malena Szlam, 2018
Filmed in the Andean Mountains in the traditional lands of the Atacameño, Aymara, and Calchaquí-Diaguita in Northern Chile and Northwest Argentina, ALTIPLANO takes place within a geological universe of ancestral salt flats, volcanic deserts, and coloured lakes. Fusing earth with sky, day with night, heartbeat with mountain, and mineral with iridescent cloud, ALTIPLANO reveals a vibrating landscape in which a bright blue sun threatens to eclipse
a blood-red moon.

Free entrance!

Bring your own drink!

Generously supported by Taike and Svenska Kulturfonden

BalticNordic Meeting in Malmö

Filmverkstaden visits STLPN (Malmö, SE) during Nostalgia: Analog Media Festival

A celebration of analog techniques to create visual and audible media and art. This program is a collaborative effort featuring workshops, intro courses, a screening program, live cinema performance and photo exhibition. Organised by the Baltic-Nordic Analog Network which consists of STPLN, All Hands On Deck (SE), Filmverkstaden (FI), Baltic Analog Lab (LV), Sponge Lab (LI) and Polar Lab (NO).

With support from the Nordic Culture Point through The Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture

// WORKSHOPS AT STPLN 15.00 – 17.00

Polaroid Emulsion Lift
Learn the classic technique of Polaroid emulsion lifting in which you separate the picture from its plastic frame to create free-floating emulsions. Compose and manipulate images in this workshop led by Philip Evans, Malmö-based skateboarding filmmaker with an analogue approach.

Pinhole Workshop
Build a unique “Hex” pinhole camera on the spot with in-house laser cut parts. Develop negatives from black and white photo paper to see the results in a matter of minutes. Experiment and learn about photography and leave with a tailor made camera.


Film Programme curated by Ieva Balode
The programme consists of experimental films from two analog film collectives in Baltic States – Sponge Lab and Baltic Analog Lab – a collective of artists and filmmakers who chose analog film as a material to explore the cinematic essence of artistic filmmaking.
The programme consist of only analog films on 16mm and super8 formats – all unique copies shot and produced using hand processing. The filmmakers will be present and will tell about each film and the way it has been made.

Live Cinema Performance: Cinema Vivo by Marek Pluciennik
In my live cinema performance I am using 16mm film as the main medium. I manually manipulate it when projected from projectors, which is an important aspect of the viewer experience and creates a performance within a projection performance, where the audience is watching the screen as well as the performer embodying the process of projection. The performance encompasses the immediate and improvisational aspects, using film and sound to create an original audio-visual experience for the viewer. The moving image is fragmented to its basics of what constitutes the illusion of motion.
During projection, the moving image is deconstructed into frames stuttering back and forth, melting, mis-aligning at the gate of the projector – destroying the image and the medium that carries it; revealing sprockets and optical sound track printed on the film; the amplified audio of the working projector is mixed with fragmented optical sound track, coming from the film used in the performance. The film material in the performances is found footage as well as my own films shot in the past, and site specific film, from the space of the performance.

Entrance is free but registration is required


BalticNordic Meeting in Vilnius

Analog studio Spongé invites all the enthusiasts to attend the very first Baltic-Nordic meet. The meeting will begin with film program of our guests and will continue to surreal performances night, which is going to be leaded by;

Baltic Analog Lab (LV) with their performance ,,EXPANDED CINEMA’',
KINOmanual team (PL) and their performance ,,MILK MEDIUM’'

The meeting is organised on the occasion of Baltic-Nordic contribution for exchange, co-operation, sharing knowledge, creating and networking.

Labs: Baltic Analog Lab (Latvia), Spongé (Lithuania), Filmverkstaden (Finland), STPL (Sweden)

Screening program at Ozas cinema hall from 19:00;

Darkness. Inese Tīkmane, Laima Vainiņa. LV, 2017, 4’29, Super8
so…goodbye. Elizabete Mežule-Gricmane. LV, 2017, 3’, Super8
Take-Off. Signe Birkova. LV, 2016, 9’, HD
Equal Tense. Ieva Balode. LV, 2018, 7’, 16mm
Random Edit. Mārtiņš Kontants. LV, 2018, 2’, 16mm
Ieva & Dainis crack the code. Lāsma Bērtule. LV, 2018, 4’, Super8
Chromaflex. Baltic Analog Lab collective. LV, 2017, 6’30, 16mm
Paper Cut. Philip Evans. SE, 2017, 3’36, paper print.
Lightbox: Grey. Philip Evans. SE, 2015, 8’57, Super8
Letters.ECHO. Aga Jarząb. Pin Park – music. PL, 2016, 4’20,16 mm non-camera film
Lotto – Pointing to a Marvel. Maciek Bączyk. PL, 2016, 4’02, 16 mm non-camera film
Icelandcsape. Marek Pluciennik. FIN, 2019, 7’, 16mm

Duration of the screening 70 min

Performances program at SHCH/ŠČ project space from 22:00;

KinoMANUAL /Maciej Bączyk, Aga Jarząb /(PL) – ,,Milk Medium’'
Baltic Analog Lab /Ieva Balode, Inese Tīkmane, Michael Holland /(UK/LV) – ,,Expanded Cinema’'

Entrance is free.

Project is supported by Nordic Culture Point

AMPI visits Filmverkstaden

AMPI, Academy of Moving People and Image, made a study trip to Vaasa, diving directly into our dark room.
The study trip was meant as a first step into analog filmmaking, with Lasse showing the ropes of the Bolex 16mm camera, back&white hand processing and projecting.

Academy of Moving People and Images is a platform in Helsinki for mobile people – those who have arrived in Finland for different reasons, be they immigrants, asylum seekers, students, or employees. Their aim is to design a new learning model and a sustainable pedagogical platform where people who have arrived in Finland from different backgrounds get to contribute to the film industry, and initiate change.

The structure of the Academy is conceived to eliminate bureaucratic processes, dismiss hierarchy, and create a space where everyone can express their knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits, without the concern of being subjected to discriminatory or patronising behaviour.

The diversity among the community of the Academy is enlightening, as they exchange ideas and experiences to confront multiple power structures of domination that continue to exist not only in the film industry, but in classrooms, research, language, ideas, history, and institutions, among others. The theoretical and epistemic knowledge of the Academy will have a lived dimension to it—'lived’ in the sense that it foregrounds the experiences of those who have been excluded from modernist knowledge production.


Supported by KulturÖsterbotten


Start:03.06.2019 10:00 h
End:05.06.2019 15:00 h

@ Konstverkstaden Malakta, Malax

Häng med på ett dagsläger (3-5.6 kl 10-15) där du får lära dig göra egna animationer eller fördjupa dina kunskaper i animation. Du lär dig leranimation med egna figurer gjorda av plastilina-lera. Vi gör scenografier och animerar dina figurer på din egen smartphone, dit vi laddar ner den avgiftsfria appen Stopmotion Studio. Till animationen kan vi banda in dialog, musik eller ljudeffekter. Lärare är Britt Al-Busultan.
Dagslägret passar för årskurs 1 och uppåt.

Pris 20€ (ingår material och mellanmål) Egen lunch medtages.
Bindande anmälan till / 050 5875674

Kursen arrangeras av Filmverkstaden och Konstverkstaden Malakta i samarbete med Svenska Folkskolans Vänner

An evening with Thorbjorg Jonsdottir

23.05.2019 19:00 - 21:00 h

@ our new location on Korsholmesplanaden 22!

Filmverkstaden is happy to present the works of our current artist-in-residence Thorbjorg Jonsdottir (IS).

Thorbjorg will present new works on super8, produced during her residency at Filmverkstaden, as well also older works.
Through these works, we will get an extensive view of Thorbjorgs practice, the themes and motives in her work and her plans for the future.

After the presentation and screening, there is the opportunity to engage in conversation with the artist.

Free entrance

Generously supported by Taike, Svenska Kulturfonden and Nordisk KulturKontakt


Filmverkstaden is moving the lab from our beloved Soapfactory to a place smack in the centre of Vaasa!

Our new address is Korsholmesplanaden 22 in Vaasa.

We will need some time to build up the lab again, but we hope to welcome you soon in our New Lab!

Thorbjorg Jonsdottir

@ The Lab, Korsholmesplanaden 22, Vaasa

Experimental filmmaker Thorbjorg Jonsdottir joins Filmverkstaden for a month long residency!

She will be experimenting with super8 filming and processing.

She will be working in the lab in the month of May.

More info on Thorbjorg Jonsdottir

Coming soon

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