Results 16mm workshop

In January our lovely artist-in-residence Ieva Balode guided our participants trhough the basics of 16mm filmmaking.

This is the result.


Start:11.04.2020 11:00 h
End:12.04.2020 17:00 h


We are happy that artist-in-residence Elvira Akzigitova will teach a workshop in how to make luminograms!

Think of light-sensitive materials as surfaces with near magical properties.
With such darkroom technique as luminogram, a possibility of trapping light movement and making
direct impressions on photo paper can reveal itself. The cameraless approach is intended to liberate
everyday forms from their usual associations and to create a painting with light. By using various light
sources the participants are welcomed to practice alternative darkroom techniques that create a challenge
to the doctrine of straight visual representation. This method provides richer insights into the
photographic procedure than shots taken mechanically with a camera. The conditions in which all those
events take place are the primary conditions of photography – conditions of light and time.
Once a fuller understanding of the medium’s potential would be achieved, through exercises and
experimentation – the artist can work out a unique signature to use for direct impressions. With
luminogram technique, the workshop participants can explore and practice the process of crafting a
photographic impression from beginning to end. Such abstract photography can show us clearly how one
can change imitative photographic procedure into purposeful creative work. In this way photographic
methods can be used to produce visual sensation and intellectual associations that cannot be achieved by
other means.
The workshop practice is location-based, intuitive and built on pure observation. It excludes modern
techniques of documentation and instead, works with comparisons. The participants will be making
comparisons between one combination and another, and artistically out of those comparisons there will
emerge a general principle.

The workshop will be held in english.

Participation fee 50€ incl. all materials and coffee :)

No previous experience needed.

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Elvira Akzigitova


Estonian artist Elvira Akzigitova will join us over Easter for a residency!

Elvira Akzigitova (1988, born Estonia, Tallinn) is a self-taught experimenter who spends long hours in the dark with a red light, trying to capture the trace of light and its tactile essentials.
According to the artist, she works on the edge of photography and painting, just where these two practices meet and blend. Alternative, and at times, antique processes, abstract – inward looking images – Elvira decisively replaces the humanist documentary with a display of photographs presented as themes or events in themselves.
Influenced by the visionary, yet debatable“Psychic Researches Behind the Iron Curtain”, Elvira’s work refers to the suggestive imaginary science. The idea she shares with practitioners of that period is that Man is more than a Machine, thus photography can be more than a mechanical process, but an optical creation. Her practice respects the notion that the time spent crafting a photographic image versus taking it gives the artist space for thought. The intricacy of the process is what brings the best gifts of photography on the table.
Since 2011 the artist works and lives in Berlin, occasionally traveling to share her discoveries in workshop form.

Elvira will teach a workshop on how to make luminograms.

More info on Elviras work

Basic Black/White Photography Course

Start:28.03.2020 11:00 h
End:29.03.2020 17:00 h


This is your chance to get started in the magical world of analogue photography!

In this 2-day course, you will learn everything you need to know, from picking up a camera to holding a print in your hand and all steps in between.

Programme: – Introduction to analogue photography – The features of the camera – Taking pictures – Processing 35mm film negatives in black and white – Introduction to making enlargements in the dark room – Processing of prints

Participation fee 50€ incl. all materials and coffee :)

No previous experience needed

Workshop can be held in english/swedish/finnish.

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Abir Boukhari & Muhammad Ali


We are delighted to host curator Abir Boukhari (SE/SY) and artist Muhammad Ali (SE/SY) for a residency at Filmverkstaden!

Abir Boukhari is a curator and director of Syria’s first centre for contemporary art, AllArtNow , which she co-founded with artist Nisrine Boukhari in 2005.

A platform for contemporary art in Syria, AllArtNow develops artistic collaborations and supports young artists in developing and producing their works. Previously Boukhari was the director of the Living Spaces Festival for Contemporary Arts, artistic director of Studio, an informal school for contemporary art in Syria, and co-founder of the Boukhari House for Artist Residences and the Maktab Creative Zone in Damascus. She has worked as a freelance curator since 2006, curating exhibitions for, among others, Taksim Gallery (Istanbul); Arab Short Festival (Cairo); Les Instants Festival (Marseille) and Gotham Arts Studios (Western Australia). Due to the war it became increasingly difficult to run AllArtNow in Damascus. Since 2015 Abir has lived in Sweden, where she has realised several exhibitions and collaborations, including curating the contemporary art in the ongoing exhibition Aswat: Syrian Voices at the Museum of World Culture in Gothenburg, featuring five contemporary artists from Syria.

Muhammad Ali is a Syrian artist based in Sweden since 2016. Ali employs a multi-disciplinary approach in his artistic practice, which spans video, installation, digital art, painting and drawing and explores how meanings are constructed and understood. He often focuses on life as he blurs the boundaries between consciousness and unconsciousness. He graduated from the Painting Department at the faculty of Fine Art in Damascus. Muhammad’s work has been exhibited in many countries and venues, such as AllArtNow Syria; Kalmar konstmuseum, Sweden; Bornholms konstmuseum, Denmark; Pori Art Museum, Finland; Jönköpings läns museum, Sweden; Scope Art, New York. He has been artist-in-residence at Botkyrka konsthall, Sweden; the Delfina Foundation, London and at Iaspis Stockholm.

More info on Muhammads work

Claudia Hausfeld

We are happy to host Claudia Hausfeld in our residency, February 5th until March 5th.

Claudia Hausfeld, born 1980 in Berlin, studied photography at the Zürich University of the Arts and completed her BA in fine arts from the Iceland Art Academy in 2012.

She works primarily with the deconstruction of the photographic image and creates spaces that play with the reliability of the visual.

Claudia has been an active member of several artist run initiatives in Iceland, Denmark and Switzerland and recently completed a three year membership of the of the Living Art Museum in Reykjavík. Additional to her artist practice, Claudia shares the management of the photography workshop of the Iceland Art Academy.

For the residency in Filmverkstaden, Claudia is continuing her work in the darkroom. She will be taking pictures in and around Vaasa and will be making analog prints that combine enlargements and photograms, thereby creating a personal view onto her surroundings.

More info on the works of Claudia Hausfeld

Basic 16mm filmmaking workshop

Start:25.01.2020 11:00 h
End:26.01.2020 17:00 h

Artist-in-residence Ieva Balode (LV) will teach a workshop in basic 16mm filmmaking.

Two day 16mm Bolex film workshop with filmmaker and BAL leading member Ieva Balode will teach you shooting and processing of 16mm black and white film.
Emphasis of the workshop will be on shooting with Bolex camera, developing the film using reversal process and projecting.

Programme: – introduction to 16mm film physical and chemical processes – introduction to 16mm Bolex film camera – 16mm film shooting – reversal film processing in a lab – introduction to a 16mm film projector – film screening

Participation fee: 70€

Binding registration by sending e-mail

Workshop will be held in English.

Generously supported by Nordic Culture Point, Taike and Svenska Kulturfonden

BalticNordic Filmscreening

18.01.2020 20:00 - 21:30 h

Film Programme

The programme consists of experimental films from analog film collectives in Sweden – STPLN and the Baltic States – Spongé Lab and Baltic Analog Lab – a collective of artists and filmmakers who chose analog film as a material to explore the cinematic essence of artistic filmmaking.
The programme consist of only analog films on 16mm and super8 formats – all unique copies shot and produced using hand processing. The filmmakers will be present and will tell about each film and the way it has been made.

Darkness. Inese Tīkmane, Laima Vainiņa. LV, 2017, 4’29, Super8
so…goodbye. Elizabete Mežule-Gricmane. LV, 2017, 3’, Super8
Take-Off. Signe Birkova. LV, 2016, 9’, HD
Equal Tense. Ieva Balode. LV, 2018, 7’, HD
Ieva & Dainis crack the code. Lāsma Bērtule. LV, 2018, 4’, Super8
Chromaflex. Baltic Analog Lab collective. LV, 2017, 6’30, 16mm
Chronos ABC . Vytautas Juozenas. LT, 12’
Observer. Vytautas Juozenas. LT, 16’

Free entrance!

Generously supported by Nordic Culture Point

Ieva Balode

Latvian artist/filmmaker Ieva Balode joins Filmverkstaden for a residency!

She will be working in the lab end of January/beginning of February, focusing on her new film with material shot in Ireland. Also she will teach a workshop on 16mm film.

Ieva Balode born in 1987, Riga, Latvia is an artist working with analog image. She has graduated from Latvian Academy of Art. In her artistic practice she is interested in human identity matters, which she explores through the language and philosophy of an image – both still and moving. Drawing inspiration from texts, archival materials and nature, the artist seeks to find the border between human consciousness and transcendence within it. Her interest in analog medium lies within the medium’s relation to nature and human perception. Coming from a media and fine arts background, her works are met both in art spaces such as den Frie, Copenhagen, 2019; Villa Vassilieff . Paris, 2018; 1st Riga International Biennial of Contemporary Art, Riga, 2018; Latvian National Museum of Art, Riga,2018; Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre, Daugavpils, 2018; Riga Photomonth, Latvian Museum of Photography, Riga, 2018; Latvian Centre of Contemporary Art, Riga, 2016; Бükü, Leipzig, 2016 as well as international film festivals such as Oberhausen International Film Festival, Germany, 2019; Moscow International Experimental Film Festival,Russia, 2018; Toronto International Film Festival. Canada, 2017; “Passing Through: We Are Not Done Yet”- film programme at Kinosaurus. Indonesia,2017; Belgrade International Experimental Film Festival, Serbia, 2017; Riga IFF, Latvia,2017; Experimental film festival “Process”, Latvia. 2017,2018, 2019; Festival “Zabroffka”, Poland (2013), Oslo Screen Festival, Oslo, 2012 etc.

Apart from her artistic work she is also a co-founder of artist collective Baltic Analog Lab in Riga where she teaches and curates educational events as well as she is a director and curator of experimental film festival “Process”: in Riga.

More info on the works of Ieva Balode


Start:16.01.2020 0:00 h
End:19.01.2020 0:00 h

Filmverkstaden has the pleasure to host a meeting with members from analog labs based in the baltic nordic region.
After meetings in Riga, Vilnius and Malmö, we will meet again in Vaasa. Participating labs in the network are Baltic Analog Lab (Riga, Latvia), STPLN (Malmö, Sweden), Spongé (Vilnius, Lithuania) and Polar Film Lab.

During the 4-day program, we will introduce our lab and its facilities, do a workshop together, enjoy films from all collectives and make plans for the future of the network.

Goal of the network is to get acqainted with each others labs, making new connections by networking and showing works for a new audience.

You are welcome to join the filmscreening tba soon!

Generously supported by the Nordic Culture Point

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