Dark room for photography and film

Filmverkstaden allows artists and filmmakers to experiment with production and chemical processes. In conjunction with these facilities we offer workshops and masterclasses whereby experienced artists impart their knowledge and share their ideas and skills.


16 mm Steenbeck editing table (with the possibility of contact printing)
photo enlargers
8mm, 16 mm, 35 mm projectors; Eumig, Hokushin, EIKI, microcine
8 mm and 16mm splicers
8mm cameras; Canon 1014 xls, Eumig Nautica
16 mm camera; Krasnogorsk, Eclair, Bolex
slide projectors

As a member you can use the lab and the equipment for free.
In all cases if you are booking in to use this equipment you must have completed a filmverkstaden course on its use.

Most equipment can be hired out. Please contact us.