Filmverkstaden offers funded production residencies for professional artists from other Nordic and Baltic countries working with experimental audiovisual art. The residencies are 1-2 months each.

Filmverkstadens residency program focuses on the production of analogue film-based works with equipment and facilities to which the artist would not have access in their local region. Artists are expected to be at an established point in their practice (although not necessarily working predominantly with audiovisual art).
Applicants will be asked to consider what they would bring to Vaasa in terms of community collaboration, teaching, workshops, artist talks and/or presentation activities—these engagements are a critical and required part of each residency offered by Filmverkstaden.

In return Filmverkstaden offers the artists appropriate conditions for concentrated work, arranges meetings with other artists and facilitates contact with the arts and culture scene in the area of Vaasa and beyond. The residencies take place over a period of 1-2 months and can either be used for completion of a work, or for research and generation of work in progress.

The residency is generously supported by
Nordic Culture Point

We also welcome visitors from outside the Nordic and Baltic countries for self-funded and self-directed residencies!
Please be in touch and send your proposal for a residency to our mail.