Starting from Scratch - Handmade Analogue Film

Starting from scratch is a network of artists and filmmakers working with analogue film material in the Nordic countries.

The aim is to keep analogue film alive and accessible in the Nordic region and to promote its transformation into the future. The continuous work with analogue film will sustain a sensibility for the artisan film in the region.

Nowadays the film industry is advertising digital filmmaking as the easiest and cheapest way, but this is the industrial way. Working with analogue film is the artisan way of working with film. It is both a preservation and an innovation, because before the process of developing film was mostly in hands of large filmlabs. In the last years the labs for developing film are closing down around the world, because the industry is stepping back. At the same time more and more artist run labs appear and making analogue film still accessible in different regions. Here we have new opportunities for new characteristic in handmade filmmaking in various regions.

‘Starting from scratch’ wants to build a strong network for the Nordic region working with film. The importance of the network is to share knowledge, to generate new impact for all of the participants, to make analogue film accessible to a bigger audience and to create new characteristics in our own region and nationwide.

Within the network they want to provide a place for analogue filmmaking with working facilities (dark room with different equipment), education / knowledge (workshops, masterclass, artist in residence), exchange and screening programs /exhibitions. Working in the network each lab will arrange one week for exchange knowledge, and invite international experts for providing a workshop / masterclass open to the public and invite the other network participants to exchange knowledge in the Nordic region.

Besides the workshop there will be screenings and a discussion round with specific Nordic film theme to share the results with an even bigger audience.

Partners in Crime:

Polar Film Lab, Tromsø (NO)
Kinosmidja, Reykjavik (IS)
Filmverkstaden, Vaasa (FI)