AMPI visits Filmverkstaden

AMPI, Academy of Moving People and Image, made a study trip to Vaasa, diving directly into our dark room.
The study trip was meant as a first step into analog filmmaking, with Lasse showing the ropes of the Bolex 16mm camera, back&white hand processing and projecting.

Academy of Moving People and Images is a platform in Helsinki for mobile people – those who have arrived in Finland for different reasons, be they immigrants, asylum seekers, students, or employees. Their aim is to design a new learning model and a sustainable pedagogical platform where people who have arrived in Finland from different backgrounds get to contribute to the film industry, and initiate change.

The structure of the Academy is conceived to eliminate bureaucratic processes, dismiss hierarchy, and create a space where everyone can express their knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits, without the concern of being subjected to discriminatory or patronising behaviour.

The diversity among the community of the Academy is enlightening, as they exchange ideas and experiences to confront multiple power structures of domination that continue to exist not only in the film industry, but in classrooms, research, language, ideas, history, and institutions, among others. The theoretical and epistemic knowledge of the Academy will have a lived dimension to it—'lived’ in the sense that it foregrounds the experiences of those who have been excluded from modernist knowledge production.


Supported by KulturÖsterbotten