Claudia Hausfeld

We are happy to host Claudia Hausfeld in our residency, February 5th until March 5th.

Claudia Hausfeld, born 1980 in Berlin, studied photography at the Zürich University of the Arts and completed her BA in fine arts from the Iceland Art Academy in 2012.

She works primarily with the deconstruction of the photographic image and creates spaces that play with the reliability of the visual.

Claudia has been an active member of several artist run initiatives in Iceland, Denmark and Switzerland and recently completed a three year membership of the of the Living Art Museum in Reykjavík. Additional to her artist practice, Claudia shares the management of the photography workshop of the Iceland Art Academy.

For the residency in Filmverkstaden, Claudia is continuing her work in the darkroom. She will be taking pictures in and around Vaasa and will be making analog prints that combine enlargements and photograms, thereby creating a personal view onto her surroundings.

More info on the works of Claudia Hausfeld